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Sports is about practice and win your own self not the opponent party.
Only you alone exist in game nobody else, not challenger.
Have you planted seed that you have already win the game?
Have you done time travel and saw your gold medal?
By Elanggovan Thanggavilo

Last updated August 2016

When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.
By Confucius


T7SR Sports Philosophy


Intrinsic * Natural * Gold


Fees guideline, call us for best fee

T7SRSPORTS ~ 3D2N @     RM7,000.00

T7SRSPORTS ~ 5D4N @   RM15,000.00

      SMPGM ~ 7D6N @ RM100,000.00

We are world’s first INTRINSIC SPORTS PSYCHOLOGY institute.  Our focus is always your performance with results.  Grounded in scientific principles but delivered with a practical approach, our coaching process is a balance ​​between listening, talking and action. We ask the questions that guide you towards your goals.  *We are first in the world to offer money back guarantee from 18 months’ onwards!

We recognize that each client/group/individual is unique and techniques that work for one person may not suit another.  As practitioners, it’s our job to translate theory and research into PRACTICAL actions that are meaningful to YOU.  Our founder Elanggovan Thanggavilo who is heritage both best of east traditional knowledge from China as well India have invented above 1700 techniques for various sports use.

We assure it’s our empathic style and our creative, outside-the-box thinking that help us to do this so effectively.

We also consider it’s responsible that we establish clear evaluation criteria so that both the client and coach can assess the effectiveness of the sessions. Since we are in the business of performance, it's only right that we monitor our own success. This ensures we deliver exceptional service to our clients every time.

​We give 100% commitment to each client and their goals because your success is our success - we want to work with people who are willing to put in the work!

Our Intrinsic Sports Psychology comes with 2 different packages:

  1. T7SR Intrinsic Sports Psychology Training and Monitoring the progress, athlete can purse best medal in game.
    1. 3D2N for Athlete
    2. 5D4N for Athlete
    3. 2D for all other party involve in relationship with Athlete such as parents, coach, sponsoring manager.
  2. Next the other package will be MINDPRENEURSHIP Intrinsic Sports Psychology which comes with money back guarantee to obtain gold medal and/or break a new world records.

    7D6N for Athlete
    Weekly 1 hour coaching via smartphone faculty
    Monthly 3 hours coaching face to face
    2D for all other party involve in relationship with Athlete such as parents, coach, sponsoring manager.

How Intrinsic Sports Psychology Design scientifically to enable extraordinary athlete performance

All our signature workshop build from 27 years of research and depth experience on Psychology & End Results.

We are providing complete cycle, purest and perfected scientific as well time tested techniques for more than 3 decades to leverage human potential in various field.

Our advice most advance beyond modern science covering Food, Health, Emotion, Intelligent, Action, Re-action, Respond, End results.



Whether you are an athlete from an individual sport such as running, or an athlete from a team sport who wants to improve your personal performance, our one to one coaching sessions can help you achieve performance excellence.


In one to one coaching we work together to establish clear goals and devise a personally-tailored action plan to help you reach your targets. Coaching is a process and we encourage our clients to embrace this fact rather than expecting a quick fix!


The performance benefits from 1-1 coaching occur through in-depth discussions leading to greater self-awareness and through practical strategies and techniques implemented 'in the arena' between sessions. The effort that you invest between sessions will have a direct impact on the efficacy of the coaching. More simply - what you put in you will get out.


  • Set clear goals
  • Build confidence and mental toughness
  • Move on from bad performances
  • Focus on the task rather than outcome
  • Control pre-performance nerves
  • Perform at your peak under pressure
  • Develop leadership & communication ​
  • Devise pre-performance routines to 'get in the zone'






Team performance is dependent on many different factors - the performance of individuals, the cohesion of the team working together as one unit, communication, trust, coach leadership and the culture that binds all these factors together.


Our Team Performance Coaching targets every level of performance. We offer comprehensive packages including performance profiling, team workshops, 'on pitch' mental toughness sessions, individual 1-1 coaching with players and consultations with coaches.


We aim to help teams to integrate sport psychology principles into daily practices rather than viewing mental training as something to turn to just before a big match or competition. Our consultations with Coaches play a big part in embedding this ethos into the team DNA.


When working with teams, we first conduct an in-depth consultation to establish your aims for the coaching and to understand your challenges. Following this, we create a bespoke comprehensive performance programme specifically tailored to your needs and budget.


  • Intrinsic Team Spirit
  • Intrinsic Team Bridge & Synchronize
  • Team building - trust, focus, confidence, communication, team spirit
  • 'On pitch' mental toughness training sessions
  • Mental game plan for matches
  • Leadership
  • High performance culture
  • Group goal-setting
  • coaching for individual athletes
  • Coach consultations





A high performance culture is critical for the success of any individual athlete or team. As the main proponent of this culture, Coaches play a crucial role in influencing the attitude, motivation, behaviors and ultimately the performance of their athletes.


Coaches can make maximum positive impact by setting high expectations while putting the right structures in place to support their athletes' efforts.


Just as individual athletes can improve their performance by developing self-awareness and incorporating mental conditioning techniques into their training, coaches can also benefit from this process of personal development.


Our work with coaches involves 1-1 sessions to assess strengths and areas for improvement, followed by the development of a personal performance enhancement plan. Typical areas for development include communication style and adopting transformational leadership principles in interactions with athletes.


  • Personal performance plan
  • Communication skills
  • Effective leadership
  • Strengthen coach-athlete relationship
  • Performance under pressure & decision-making
  • Incorporating sport psychology into coaching
  • Developing high performance culture
  • Intrinsic Telepathy for Coach & Athlete Communication without to talk verbally





Introduction to mental training for peak performance Do you want to better understand the link between mind, body and sports performance? Do you feel that having more confidence and focus would improve your game? Have you heard of techniques such as imagery and self-talk but are unsure as to how to put them into practice?


This workshop explores the fundamentals of the 'Champion's Mindset' and equips participants with practical strategies to get started on their own individual performance enhancement plan.


  • Understand how your mind affects your performance
  • Learn how to use performance profiling to identify strengths and areas for improvement
  • Try out mental skills to work on confidence, concentration and motivation
  • Create your own personal action plan for improved performance





Fusing mental training and leadership principles for optimum results As a Coach you are one of the primary influencers of your athletes' success.

Operating as a highly effective Coach requires a wide range of skills and an ability to inspire and motivate others. Often the emphasis is put on developing the performance of the athletes themselves. The development of the Coach is widely overlooked but this is an area where significant performance gains can be made.


This workshop explores the characteristics and behaviors of effective coaching and helps participants devise a personal action plan for enhanced coaching performance.


  • Introduction to transformational leadership and creating a high performance culture
  • Performance profiling to assess strengths and areas for improvement
  • Learn mental skills to enhance your own performance as a coach
  • Learn how to integrate sport psychology into your coaching practices



Balancing sport and study for all round performance excellence.  Young athletes often struggle to balance the conflicting demands of their sport and their education. This conflict is often heightened in particularly important years such as the Leaving Cert year in school or the final year of University, especially for athletes performing at an elite level.


This workshop explores practical techniques to manage a heavily demanding schedule while maximizing athletic and academic performance. Participants also learn strategies to maintain mental and emotional wellbeing throughout this potentially stressful time.


  • Understand the importance of balance in a hectic lifestyle
  • Practical strategies for more effective time management
  • Structured approach to both athletic and academic performance enhancement
  • Stress busting techniques to maintain a healthy mind and body



Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness is a concept often talked about by athletes, coaches and the sports media. Everybody wants to have it - but people differ in their interpretation of what it actually is.


For some, it means continuing to believe in your own abilities and exerting maximum effort when the opposition is dominating the competition. For others, it’s driving on even when you are comfortably in the lead. It’s making a mistake and giving your full focus to the next ball. It’s being able to stay mentally sharp when your body is exhausted at the end of the race. It’s concentrating on your role and blocking out the crowd. It’s seizing the opportunity when the risky shot is on.


At its simplest, mental toughness is the capacity to consistently perform at the peak of your ability under intense pressure.


In the same way that mental toughness means different things to different people, he strategies for developing it depend on which specific aspects of your performance need to be addressed. The most effective way to become more mentally tough is to identify the key skill or behavior that you want to improve and then repeatedly train in this area under conditions of intense pressure.


We design comprehensive programmes, specifically tailored to our clients’ needs, to produce mentally tougher athletes who remain calm, skilful and clinically effective under pressure.



Self-awareness is the fundamental building block to improving performance. It’s about deepening your understanding of how your specific thought-patterns, emotions and behaviors translate into helpful and detrimental actions in the sporting arena.

“The words of truth are always paradoxical”

Lao Tzu



Without knowing where your strengths and weakness lie, it is impossible develop a practical plan to lead you towards your goals. All our coaching begins by assessing where an individual or team currently stands across a wide range of factors contributing to overall sporting performance. We then identify the one or two key areas to focus on that will make a significant and immediate impact.


Research shows that unwanted behaviors can sometimes be changed purely by enhancing self-awareness. Our clients report experiencing performance benefits, not only from the strategies and techniques practised between sessions, but also from the insights and new perspectives gained through discussions in one to one coaching.


Some practical techniques to develop self-awareness include:

  • Performance profiling
  • Journaling
  • Guided imagery
  • Written exercises to challenge automatic thoughts
  • Meditation / Alpha Thinking Mind Power




Whether you are an athlete who currently struggles with self-doubt or a self-assured sportsperson looking to strengthen your confidence to gain a competitive edge, our coaching can help you become your own biggest fan.


Self-belief is one of the most prized mental characteristics among athletes. While high levels of self-confidence have a direct positive impact on sports performance, studies show that confident athletes also tend to persist longer in the face of adversity, face challenges with more enthusiasm, worry less and consistently put in more effort than their self-doubting counterparts.


In short – when confidence is paired with humility, too much is never enough. The more you believe in yourself as an athlete the better you will perform and the more you will enjoy the journey towards achieving your goals.


Confidence is not simply an attribute you are lucky enough to be born with (or cursed to be born without!). It’s like a muscle and needs to be continuously worked on to remain strong. It’s natural for even the most elite athletes to fluctuate at times in terms of their self-belief. However, by taking proactive steps to strengthen your confidence, you can ensure that even when the pressure is on in competition you will have ample reserves of self-belief to deliver an exceptional performance.


Some practical techniques to improve confidence include:

  • Performance review diaries
  • Practicing mental imagery
  • Personalized self-rating techniques
  • Effective goal-setting
  • Personalized affirmation scripts



Many sports demand a high level of sustained concentration from athletes. In addition to staying mentally switched on, athletes also need to be able to direct their focus in the ways that will be most beneficial for performance.


Studies show that athletes who focus on the process (their specific role, the next play, the next tackle) perform better than those who are overly concerned with the outcome of the competition. While this sounds straightforward, in practice adopting a process focus can be quite challenging - particularly after making mistakes or falling behind.


Many sports also require the ability to stay highly focused on the task while ignoring distractions. Anxiety and performance nerves can interfere with this process, directing attention away from where it needs to be.


Our coaching teaches athletes how to improve concentration by increasing self-awareness of when and why lapses occur and by practicing simple techniques to mentally ‘tune in’.


Some practical techniques to improve concentration and focus include:

  • Self-awareness exercises
  • Effective goal-setting
  • Self-talk
  • Physical triggers
  • Pre-performance routines



Anxiety Control

A little pre-competition nerves can always be expected. How you interpret these nerves can have a big impact on your performance. Some people embrace the butterflies, recognizing them as a sign that the adrenaline is flowing and they are ready to perform. Others can become overwhelmed with anxiety and choke under pressure.


High levels of anxiety can actually affect mental processing causing ‘paralysis by analyses. This is a common phenomenon where an athlete with a high level of skill overthinks the technique of even basic skills when the pressure is on, leading to sub-par performance.


Each person has their own optimal mental and physiological state for delivering their full potential in competition - more commonly referred to as ‘getting in the zone’. Our coaching helps athletes to identify what their own unique ‘zone’ looks like and to learn how to create this internal state before every performance.


Some practical techniques to overcome anxiety and get in the zone include:

  • Mental imagery
  • Positive self-talk
  • Progressive muscle relaxation
  • Individualized pre-competition routines
  • Breathing exercises
  • Pre-selected PRANAYAMAM from 1990 types in Yoga Sutra




As the saying goes – “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. Preparation can be a key source of confidence for athletes. Effective preparation can range from mentally rehearsing specific plays or tactics for an upcoming match to ensuring that your kit, equipment and travel arrangements are all in order well before the day of the competition.


Our coaching helps athletes to ingrain systematic preparation habits as second nature. These habits can range from simple techniques such as ‘what if scenarios’ to eliminate the potential for distractions on competition day, to developing personally tailored pre-competition routines to get in the zone.


We also work with athletes to create individual pre-performance routines for specific moments within a performance when the pressure is on - Hookers throwing into the lineout, footballers taking a penalty kick, hurlers shooting a free or gymnasts about to execute their routine.


Some practical techniques for preparing to perform

  • Pre-competition routines
  • 'What if' scenarios
  • Pre-performance routines
  • Mental imagery
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • Advance Sports Yoga preselected from 8.5 million posture from Yoga Sutra world’s oldest Art





Mental Skills


Mental skills are cognitive techniques used by athletes to aid performance. While there are a wide range of strategies that can help an athlete attain the mental attributes outlined in our 'Champion's Mindset', there are four fundamental skills which underpin any effective performance enhancement plan: goal-setting, mental imagery, self-talk and relaxation.




Goal-setting is the process by which you set targets for yourself and identify the steps you need to take to achieve them. There are three different types of goals: outcome, performance and process goals.


For goals to be maximally effective they should be challenging but realistic, have a set time-frame in which they are to be achieved and be very specific. Studies show that writing your goals down and tracking your progress increases the likelihood of achievement.

Goal-setting can be used to build motivation, enhance confidence and plays a particularly useful role in injury rehabilitation.


Mental Imagery

Mental imagery is essentially using your mind's eye to imagine yourself in specific sporting situations e.g., performing a skill, preparing for a match, scoring, winning a championship.

Mental imagery involves not just imagining what you would see in those situations but also what you would hear, feel, smell etc.

When practiced systematically, mental imagery can be used to enhance confidence, motivation, perfect skills and plan strategy.

There is a large body of scientific research to support the effectiveness of this technique in improving performance over and above physical practice.



Self-talk is any statement addressed to the self either out loud or in your head. These statements can vary from confidence boosting words of encouragement to trigger words to maintain focus.

Self-talk can be used in a purposeful way to improve self-belief, motivation, concentration and to aid the learning and execution of skills.

Some athletes suffer from negative self-talk which can be detrimental to performance. This issue can be addressed using a variety of practical strategies.


Relaxation strategies are used to help athletes regulate how 'pumped up' they are before and during a performance. These strategies are employed to calm both the mind and body.

Techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation can be incorporated as part of a pre-competition routine to control nerves. Simple breathing exercises can be helpful during a performance to improve focus as the situation demands.





  • Naturally human brain will be functioning at different percentage at different time.
  • Brain, Cognitive Skills And Universe Law
  • Conscious And Sports Gold Medal
  • Normal Brain State and T7SR Brain State
  • How to pattern brain functionality 24 hours at 100% power



T7SR techniques will break the neurons pattern, thus allowing the individual to practical in imbibing (hands on) the policies at a highest level.  Practical new neuron functioning area will allow neuron to register and execute new and higher objective and goals of health & sports.

  • Best Extrinsic Practice – Easiest Natural Life Style
  • Meals (category, timing, eating methods)
  • Health (natural rejuvenating mode)
  • Emotion (its powerful source of energy if routed for development)
  • Intelligent (unfold inborn capabilities towards advantages)
  • Action with Re-Action and Respond
  • End Results: Objective & Goals
  • FFGSD: Re-hacking auto pilot to take control of personal development (Food, Fruits, Greens, Space, Detoxified)



  • In working environment, individual need to be focus on multiple task to fulfill the job requirement at all time.
  • The question is how to be focus in each specific task with clarity in mind?
  • Our practical techniques will engage mind, body and spirit coordination.



  • Activating auto intelligent of universe power for sports gold medal
  • Learnable creativity is normally perceived to be drawing, communication, cooking and so on.
  • Creative mind will produce safe and new action.
  • The innate creativity is essential to increase unfolding within fraction of time during much resting time.
  • Our techniques will unfold creativity each and every new moment.


  • Recalling ability always need to be improved for individual and all level of activities, which will provide direct impact practically on any task execution efficiency and sports performance.
  • It will improve performance at work out by able to learn new technicality/syntax/languages/product knowledge faster with longer recalling ability.
  • The increase in recalling ability also improve in integrating suitable solution for industry requirement quickly.



  • Usually some athlete working in corporate and involving in sports, how to balance the brain category:
    • Left, Right, Mid Brain
  • Working environment requiring left brain orientation for task executions over the time, individual merely loses the right brain advantages such as critical thinking, attention to details and intuition power.
  • Our techniques will promote quantum jump of both sides of brain performances which directly improves deliverable of corporate target in conscious.



  • Silent is the greatest power, individual can be in relax mode while working actively, fast with efficient performance.
  • All great invention in the world since time immemorial invented when they are just in relax mode. These techniques are totally forgotten, not known in lack within today’s commercial and developing country and industrialize or technologist states.
  • We the only training institute in the world provide the solution practically.



  • Master herbs for all athlete
  • Specific herbs for each different category of sports and their body functionality
  • 100% natural herbs, superior to any drugs, and modern medicine to builds mind body & spirit for athlete.


MindPreneurship is the only faculty that is revealing the secrets of seven level of consciousness in a systematic manner which will provide tool to edit and regulate our consciousness.


Level 1 – Gross Conscious Mind or Nature Mind

Inter-relating individual mind with external nature mind (action or situation). It is operating based on five senses. This is the very basic level of thoughts. Realigning, tuning and exploring how the mind seeding thoughts and Chiefs/Athlete  will learn how to reset thoughts and seeding thoughts from the basic level, i.e. company’s vision, mission and goal settings.


Level 2 – Subtle Conscious Mind or Other Mind

Learning technique that will reveal on how to synchronize personal thoughts with another person’s.Ability to engage and to bring about the desired transformational changes into the diverse group of your management team.Chiefs/Athlete will experience a new leadership capabilities and greater capacity to lead your business to the next stage of growth.


Level 3 – Conscious Mind or Beta/Alpha Mind

At this level, Chiefs/Athlete will be expose to be more conscious in moderating their intention and be more aware of their external action. Be alert and aware on things such as sensations, perceptions, memories, feeling and fantasies. This is the some aspect of mind which is involved in our mental process that can be realigned and tuned in the manner that we can think and talk in a rational way. It can be properly channeled in the manner that we intend to.


Level 4 – Subconscious Mind (Theta) or Execution Mind/Mind Power

Techniques to track and increase the power of the mind (Mind Power), the deeper the action of thought, will and desire, the greater the result. Learn to filter the unwanted and the desired action that need to be executed. At this level, Chiefs/Athlete will learn practical techniques to increase Mind Power to achieve execution mindset precisely.


Level 5 – Unconscious Mind (Delta) or Time Factor

Tapping the reservoir of the unconscious mind which is one of the biggest faculty in mind power that is being underutilized. Navigating the Chiefs/Athlete personal goal in unconscious mind level that suites the corporate vision and mission in subtle manner. Techniques provided at this level will enable to re-aligning, editing or deleting past program, adding new program with suitable script to be executed.



“Action expresses priorities” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Level 6 – Casual Conscious Mind or Senseless Mind
Techniques provided at level 6, will enable Chiefs/Athlete to stay focus and concentrate to allow the natural flow of the company’s growth that is being implemented. Providing sufficient time to incubate the thoughts and for results to take place. Avoiding interruptions to or during the process of strategy execution

Level 7 – Absolute Conscious Mind
Chiefs/Athlete will be at bliss level and know the future happenings due to unleashing the power of intuition and increasing co-incident thoughts. The mind level is at equilibrium stage and mental stability is being achieved. Ability to realize all six level of consciousness and know how to align it


“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders”

Lao Tzu


Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere ~ Albert Einstein

Systematic sharp imagination with SEED is precise winning formula ~ Elanggovan Thanggavilo


T7SR, Consultant  +60196199100 : elan@the7secretsrhythm.com

Founder & Master Coach  +60196199100 : elan@the7secretsrhythm.com

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