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beyond internship to professional preparation

This unconventional training programme emphasize on methods to increase cognitive skills as well encourage entrepreneurship. Introducing the world’s first Intrinsic Brain Training, The 7 Secrets Rhythm which candidates can increase quantum leap of memory power, focus & concentration thus scoring excellent marks in academic exams as well perform extraordinary results in sports etc. Apart from that, it expose the unique method of career advancement with latest employee and employer psychology, how to nurture entrepreneurship mind set and introduce global industry leaders for graduate and company partnership.

Expert have modularize from the pre-graduate while studying psychology, after graduate transmitting old student pattern to be professional employee new sequence of thoughts and responsible and basic leadership standard to be outstanding new staff. How can you decide your job placement before you start first communication to dream corporate?

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OBJECTIVES | increase immediately CGPA and get ready for internship/job placement

  • Graduate will able to use right brain power towards higher cognitive skills.
  • Define meaning of success after graduates.
  • Optionally introduce graduates to successful industry leaders, millionaires, billionaires
  • (only available for extended coaching / mentoring)
  • Job placement in corporate world
  • Increase ENTREPRENEURSHIP mind set
  • Sharing the latest industry standards or flow of Career Advancement. (Expose employment acts, employee’s rights)
  • Matching graduate with potential industry leaders globally to start up business.

BENEFITS | development higher cognitive skills and self-job placement skills

  • Increase cognitive skills 35% within 50 days
  • Improved 45% marks, grade and CGPA to be beyond just getting pass exam
  • Improved 50% of focus concentration
  • Increase interest in all subjects to avoid unnecessary
  • Increase 60% extra interest in all subjects rather than just like a few subjects which effect marks of non-interest subjects
  • Learning new or 2nd language become easier! Less proficiency in English is one of the major cause of un-employment
  • Best techniques are thought for stress free academic flow
  • Encourage outdoor activities






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