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  • Assessment as primary task before and after training
  • Comprehensive & multiple approach in training delivery
  • Develop campaign to ensure full engagement of participants
  • Review after training
  • Workbook and checklist of T7SR practice
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Standard Guidelines of T7SR Fees and Details
Please review our tuition fees and make scheduling arrangements. Call us for final arrangement.

In the contiguous Malaysia, the fee is RM1,700 per participant, plus trainer’s airfare, ground transportation, meals and hotel accommodations. The minimum number of participants is 70 and maximum is 100.
Outside the Malaysia, the fee is USD1,000 per participant, plus trainer’s business class airfare, ground transportation, meals and hotel accommodations. The minimum number of participants is 70 and maximum is 100.

Included in this pricing
Two-day workshop based on the research of Elan founder of T7SR.
Proprietary student interactive workbook, and intellectual use license (one set per participant).
Customization of exercises. T7SR experts work with client representative(s) to ensure that these customized exercises allow the participants to apply their learning to situations they are likely to encounter in their job/business.
T7SRCT (The 7 Secrets Rhythm Certified Trainer) to facilitate this workshop.
Each T7SRCT has been personally trained by Elan and has passed rigorous requirements in order to earn and maintain T7SRCT designation. Only T7SRCT are endorsed to facilitate this workshop.
Most workshop you can invite Elan as trainer.

It is the client’s responsibility to provide
Trainer’s travel, meals, and lodging
Audio-Visual needs
Training facility
Student refreshments & meals (optional)
All meals compulsory must be vegetarian base strictly.  Contact us for detail of food allow for participants.
Theater seating training hall with space at back for games.
Training room should consist of tables for with 5 to 6 people stand by for specific activities use.
Please contact us for additional set-up info and pre-event promotional materials.

Comparion between T7SR & Traditional Training

The 7 Secrets Rhythm for Corporate

A series of T7SR HRDF Claimable workshop for INHOUSE and PUBLIC WORKSHOP

T7SR MindPreneurship for Chiefs


The 7 Secrets Rhythm MINDPRENEURSHIP for Chiefs
World first Ancient Mind Secrets for CORPORATE CHIEFS
World first Chiefs Intrinsic Faculty
100% practical and Result is Guarantee
First Complete Chiefs Faculty
7 Days Retreat Faculty
Chiefs Innate Mindset
Revealing untold and unaware secrets

MINDPRENEURSHIP Program is a breakthrough in the training industries; it is the World’s First Program of its kind for Chiefs.  The program has been modulated and designed based on ancient secrets essences that will bring about an ultimate results in the current corporate settings.  The Chiefs will be introduce The 7 Levels MindPreneurship Secrets, The 7 Secrets Rhythm and The 7 Emotions and its Power Behind It to leverage, extend and expand infinite brain power.  Its main objective is to produce powerful leaders for corporate.  Chiefs will be experiencing and demonstrating an unique and subtle response in the work environment and yet be in control that has never been felt or achieved before.

The 7 Secrets Rhythm for Public Workshop

The 7 Secrets Rhythm for ENTREPRENEURSHIP is our signature workshop for public. Entrepreneurship integrated with Sales Psychology is best blend suitable for both Sales staff as well business owner.

We do offer other T7SR series as public workshop kindly subscribe to our newsletter for latest updates.  Always visit and check Information > Calendar > Events for up to date details.

VGENIUST for Students

VGENIUST for Students is Public Workshop.

Will be organized nationwide in major towns.

VGENIUST7R for School Students

1 Day Workshop for Schools
Bengkel 1 Hari Untuk Sekolah

VGENIUST7P for Schools Teachers

VGENIUST7E for Parents

Rewiring The Brain via T7SR

Series of training version are as follow

We offer speech between 2 to 3 hours.

We offer 1 day seminar

We offer 2 days workshop

World's #1 Intrinsic Corporate Training

T7SR World's first intrinsic corporate training. World's first corporate training fully vegetarian concept.

Holistic Training Like Ancient for Current Edge

Holistic Corporate Training Solution

Mind rhythm is root cause

We provide root cause editing possibility, the rhythm of mind moderation for best personal mastery

Tap natural intelligent

Tap natural and unfold intelligent is easy and advance

Resolve human as well machine error

Resolve human as well machine error, harmony in heart and mind is synchronizing staff towards corporate objective and goals

T7SR is auto plugin for whole puzzles effortlessly

T7SR is auto plugin for whole puzzles of a complete cycle from individual, food, health, emotion, intelligent, action, reaction, response and end results effortlessly

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