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ELAN Live Interview at TRAXXfm on 15042015 about ISOM

Via Promotes Right Mind Tactic

The human resource coach and motivator say the existing examination which is the leaning education scheme requires students to use only left mind which persuade them into study and perform as a robot.“On the other hand, right brain activation produces students who think intelligently and creatively and who may even go on to become great discoverers,” says Elanggovan Thanggavilo.

Having been spellbound with the workings of the human mind since he was young, Klang born Elanggovan Thanggavilo has been delved into the subject for more than 27 years before mounting a brain training program called The Seven Secrets (T7SR) for corporate and public sector employees. The program is based on the teachings of primeval Indian prudent men called ‘Siddhars’ who were said to have perceived and accomplished an unorthodox form of discipline known as Science.

In fact, Elanggovan Thanggavilo’s through the ceiling self assurance in the efficiency of his program had led him to come within reach if MIMOS Berhad, Malaysia’s forefront technology provider in Information and Communications Technology, Industrial Electronics Technology and Nano-Semiconductor Technology which serves as the national research and development centre for information and communication technology innovations with a proposal to train its engineers to become more artistic and fruitful.

“When I approached MIMOS in February 2015, some of the officials themselves told me that over the past three years, the agency had not come up with any unique inventions,” he says, adding that he had proposed to train the engineers under a training module he had devised, called The 7 Secrets Rhythm MINDPRENEURSHIP for Scientists. So far we have trained more than 16,000 students nationwide who eventually scored good results,” claims Elanggovan, who is trained in software engineering.

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