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World's #1 Intrinsic Corporate Training

T7SR World's first intrinsic corporate training. World's first corporate training fully vegetarian concept.

Holistic Training Like Ancient for Current Edge

Holistic Corporate Training Solution

Mind rhythm is root cause

We provide root cause editing possibility, the rhythm of mind moderation for best personal mastery

Tap natural intelligent

Tap natural and unfold intelligent is easy and advance

Resolve human as well machine error

Resolve human as well machine error, harmony in heart and mind is synchronizing staff towards corporate objective and goals

T7SR is auto plugin for whole puzzles effortlessly

T7SR is auto plugin for whole puzzles of a complete cycle from individual, food, health, emotion, intelligent, action, reaction, response and end results effortlessly

Who We Are

Established in August 2007, The Seven Secrets Rhythm is world's leading and pioneer invented and offering intrinsic corporate training.

Nurturing organization’s growth through intrinsic brain training.

Providing intrinsic brain trainings and delivering 100% practical, non-theory and non-motivational to all organizations to produce extrinsic results with competitive fees. Practicing continuous monitoring and preserving world standard trainings.

What is The 7 Secrets Rhythm?
It is a practical technique that will moderate inner brain frequency. All trainings are non-theory, non-motivational and 100% practical brain training. In the process, you will develop the ability to take charge of your sub-conscious & unconscious mind.  The individual will be achieving personal excellences effortlessly and produce results that will have direct impact on career automatically.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
The T7SR’s passion is to improving the quality of life. It is being carried out through the Intelligent Society of Malaysia, ISOM (Persatuan Kecerdasan Minda Pintar Malaysia). We organized VGENIUST IMMENSITY Programme for Schools and it’s approved by Education Ministry of Malaysia.  All our CSR activities including projects such as sponsoring students to Guinness World Records, TIMMS, PISA, PIRL are managed and operated by ISOM.

For more information please visit web www.intelligentsocietyofmalaysia.org

Our Values
Integrity, Teamwork, Service, Creativity, Learning, Excellence, Accountability, Respect.

Our team
We are a multi expert professional team consist of international real industry unique domain experts.  All our training,

consulting and solution are base on global trend with localize application..

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Simple training impact your complex requirement


Experience Matters


Corporate Social Responsibility

Go green

We world’s first Corporate training institute have adopted holistic GO GREEN practice, by implementing whole operation vegetarian.  Ecologically by most research showing earth should shut down all live stock farm for harmony and balance in universe molecule composition...

Sponsor or subsidize

Sponsor or subsidize our training for the needed individual, schools especially outside town area villages globally...

World’s first corporate training institute practice vegetarian meals

World’s first corporate training institute practice and only serve vegetarian meals...

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