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What We Do

Intrinsic corporate training. Pre & Post assessment. Educational institutional module VGENIUST for students

Here To Help

When you know requirement to enhance productivity. not necessary need to know training module title. Just call us @ +60196199100

Best ROI in training

Intrinsic corporate training gives 360 impact thus we always experience client obtain maximum ROI from our training

We have the greatest THE 7 SECRETS RHYTHM training module you need to make your organization excel!


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We Help When You Need It

You may call our consultant for discussion or email to inquiry@the7secretsrhythm.com and also can submit ticket via CLIENT PORTAL, to read & request FAQ click it...

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Why We Are The Best

Since 1992, we have explored and experienced clients in every continent around the globe. Experts rely on T7SR as MOTHER training for all other training completed and yet to come ... Golden Platform!

T7SR Modules

Full Proof Training For You

Sales Psychology * OSH * Entrepreneurship * Customer Support * iEQ * iHR * PM * ZDM * TQM * Personal Mastery * Engineer * Executive Leadership * Peace Management * Sports Athlete * Nursing * CHIEFS...

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Advisory * Consulting * Counseling * Coaching * Corporate Training * Assessment * Students Training * Lead Schools towards TIMMS & PIRLS participation...

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Sponsor our VGENIUST7R for school and get quality leads to recruit students
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The 7 Secrets Rhythm for Graduate 7G

The 7 Secrets Rhythm for OSH



Established in 2007 by a founder and team whom experience in corporate training since 1992.  The Seven Secrets Rhythm is world's leading and pioneer invented and offering intrinsic corporate training. 

What is The 7 Secrets Rhythm?
It is a practical technique that will moderate inner brain frequency. All trainings are non-theory, non-motivational and 100% practical brain training. In the process, you will develop the ability to take charge of your sub-conscious & unconscious mind.  The individual will be achieving personal excellence effortlessly and produce results that will have direct impact on career for staff and business development for entrepreneurs automatically.

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Our Customers & Experts Says

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  • Prof. Dr. Azahari Othman

    I would recommend this workshop to anyone truly committed to investing in themselves and improving their intrinsic flow towards excellence entrepreneurship. Rewiring The Brain via The 7 Secrets Rhythm is practical for every individual. The seminar covering holistic method towards entire business process.  Elan is an energetic and vibrant entrepreneur as well the world’s foremost expert on mind frequency.

    Fellow of OXCELL, Oxford, UK.
    Founder & Master Coach of 8ELQ (Emotional Love Quotient) of Self Development.
  • Rino Razman Vun

    FExcellent workshop conducted by Elan. Each sales staff improved sales from average staff whom can only recruit 5 students but after T7SR training they are nowrecruiting 25 students monthly.  ROI on training minimum each Sales staff improved150% to 400% in recruting. Their communication skills sharpen.  They able to acceptLincoln's University Sales Goal Setting.
  • Are, MIHRM President

    T7SR Peak Performance conducted to launch our new Business targets for 2015 and to take leap in performance and delivery.  The programme motivated our staff to perform better and was very good and encouraging.  There was marked improvement in the work performance of all staff and it achieved our objectives of the programme. We highly recommend Elan's T7SR intrinsic corporate training for your company.
  • Syed Khedher Ismail Alqudsy, Senior Manager

    Presentation: Good
    Knowledge: Excellent
    Workshop meets expectation and very interesting for the whole day of orkshop.The knowledge is excellent and should offer 2 full day’s workshop. We all admire the positivenessof the trainer, Elan.It’s different from what ever corporate training we have attended.The 7 Secrets Rhythm for Corporate is the Intrinsic Brain Training fully practical to be applying for immediate advantages. Benefit for individual and company.Thank you to BERNAMA as well T7SR and founder Elan to giving opportunity to explore such a unique programme.We are organizing more training for BERNAMA.  We also wanted to extend this training to our children as batch to provide your VGENIUST module for students.
    Centre for Excellence, BERNAMA CORPORATE GROUP.


    When I was searching for corporate brain and psychology training workshops, I found yours to be exactly what I was looking for. After we attended your training on “Best HR Practice for SMEs”, most of the participant’s feedback on The 7 Secrets Rhythm was it’s the first kind to leverage on human potential with a new concept.
    Mr Neela Mehan , Deputy CEO of PMSB.


    Exclusive session from Elan via The 7 Secrets Rhythm Hidden Secrets of Sales Psychology was power pack. Our staff vibrate higher altitude on Sales KPI targets.  Awesome training.  We would like to recommend to you and your corporate.
    Al-Rajhi Bank Malaysia.


  • FMM Sabah, Manager, Ms. Florisa Sangau

    Rewiring the Brain via The 7 Secrets Rhythm and each related corporate modules are well design to give latest impact from GEN X towards GEN Y & GEN Z because it’s beyond traditional soft skills training.  Workshop conducted by Elan was excellent and always advisable to do minimum 2 days module.  Elan also able to conduct in both languages in English and in Bahasa Malaysia thus this training can apply to all levels of organization.  The speaker is expert in his field.  You can ask him anything and he will able to answer you.  It’s more on practical in improving productivity which will impact KPI achievement.  It’s Nourish and knowledgeable.  It’s latest methodology ever available.  This training powerful tool enable a staff to enhance communication skills, corporate behavior, adopting corporate Vision & Mission towards highest level. Every corporate should experience and harvest unique quantum leap improvement from Elan’s training via T7SR.

    Mr. Azman Mohd Sagap, Network Engineering Administrator, Malaysian Electronic Payment System Sdn Bhd (MEPS)

     While searching for staff development training, I received T7SR, Rewiring the Brain course content.  At first I feel weird but the moment I search and read, hear, watch all T7SR & it’s related research testimony from various global industry experts I trusted by feeling that this workshop agoing to out of box.  Elan have more then 3 decades of experience where the 2 days of T7SR with such deep knowledge just a small dot of his whole huge master information.  We learn advance psychology, law of vibration & attraction, brain frequency and corporate competency which higher value then gold or diamond.  I officially recommend to everyone especially all MEPS staff including CEO to attend the Elan’s workshop T7SR, RTB.
  • Ms. Erma Zuashmiza Rosli, Engineering Assistant, R&D, Sarawak Energy Berhad

    In my opinion, this is the best workshop which is more then I expected. Traditional training may give all the facts and tell us what to do but T7SR intrinsic training expose lots of secrets in OSH which can only get through this training and it's remarkable impacts within a day.  Great trainer Elan he is energetic, good multi language speaking personnel and full of global case study experience to share the real industry domain..
  • Mr. Mohamad,Economic and Business Foundation (T) Ltd, Tanzania President Office

    2 Days Public Private Partnership conference organized by UEBERLEAP Academy in Malaysia and we had 2 days speaker Elanggovan Thanggavilo, as well visiting speaker YBhg Tan Sri Dr. Sulaiman Both speaker score great feedback personal attribute.  Elan have quick research ability and He is good in Knowledge of subject matter, High Engagement with audience and Good arrangement for Content of the workshop.  While visiting to PPP base company such as Prasarana Malaysia Bhd, BRT and Undersecretary of Government Procurement Division ePerolehan of the Ministry of Finance of Malaysia Elan made contribution of sharp question to maximize each presentation Q&A and details of PPP..
  • http://the7secretsrhythm.com/web5/

    Experience To Trust

    100 over corporate clients from 6 continents, 1000 over staff, 100 over schools, 1000 over students excel immediately after T7SR and VGENIUST training respectively...

    HRDF Claimable Globally

    Endorsed by ISOM

    T7SR, VGENIUST, 7R, 7P, 7E, 7i, MINDPRENEURSHIP and Intrinsic training Endorsed by ISOM.

    Jobs & Intenship

    Continuously have nurture fresh graduate so apply your Internship.
    Would you like to be our full time associate apply now!

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    We are here to serve you during the following business hours:

    Monday to Friday: 9am to 9pm
    Saturday and Sunday: Virtually Open
    Phone: +6 019 6199 100 (24/7)

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